Thiamine & Thyroid Issues

Rob Burke

Posted on October 12 2016

Thiamine & Thyroid Issues

Many people suffer from thyroid disease and because each person is unique, there can be many different root causes. For some, medication will work and for others it will not. Those who cannot improve their energy levels with medication may have a thiamine deficiency. This is directly related to malabsorption issues in the gut, in which case thiamine supplements may help.

Thiamine is a B vitamin and helps convert carbohydrates to energy and is needed for the proper release of stomach acid. Chronic stress and adrenal fatigue along with autoimmune issues can be the root causes why B vitamins are often depleted from our bodies.

There are many people who are on autoimmune diets that are really battling thyroid disease. These individuals are more prone to thiamine deficiencies since most sources of thiamine are from fortified grains, eggs, legumes and nuts that are restricted from their diet. Hence, thyroid supplements may provide relief from their fatigue. Such supplements may also assist with blood pressure and digestion.

If you are one of many who seem to be doing everything right, but still not getting relief, then take a closer look to see if you may have a thiamine deficiency. It is important to investigate further to get to the root causes of your disease. Only then, will your truly begin healing.

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