About Us


Founded in 2010, BioCor Nutrition has a mission of developing safe, effective nutritional supplements. Previously specializing in bulk powders, BioCor has now emerged into hormonal supplements with the release of THYRO-T2, a thyroid hormone designed for fat loss without the loss of muscle.  Such a product will be beneficial to both the average consumer and the athlete who wants to cut fat without losing muscle gains.

Our goal is to provide safe and effective supplements to you from a brand you've come to know and trust.


On June 25, 2007, FDA published in the Federal Register a final rule that established a regulation (21 CFR part 111) entitled Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) In Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, Or Holding Operations For Dietary Supplements (72 FR 34752).

The Dietary Supplement (DS) CGMP rule in 21 CFR part 111 (“the DS CGMP rule”) requires persons who manufacture, package, label, or hold a dietary supplement to establish and follow current good manufacturing practice to ensure the quality of the dietary supplement and to ensure that the dietary supplement is packaged and labeled as specified in the master manufacturing record.

In addition to FDA CGMP certification, BioCor Nutrition products are manufactured in accordance with the NSF GMP Guidelines.