Just How Important Is A Healthy Thyroid?

Rob Burke

Posted on October 10 2016

Just How Important Is A Healthy Thyroid?

The thyroid is very important as it helps your heart, your weight, your mood, and just about every cell in your body. It is a vital hormone in the endocrine system and without it, we would die. Over time, if there is a decline in the output of thyroid hormone, your health is extremely impacted and there can be profound consequences.

Having a low thyroid can lead to high Hcy levels which puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease. The best way to avoid elevated levels of Hcy is to take a combination of thyroid extract and B vitamins, thus reducing your risk of heart disease. Low thyroid is a natural occurrence with aging, especially in women over 40. However, men and young adults can also have reduced thyroid function. In many cases, it runs in the family. Therefore, you have to be vigilant in monitoring thyroid decline. Thyroid hormones can speed up or slow down your metabolism which will determine the rate that your body burns calories. Your metabolism slows down by almost 40% with low thyroid and fat storage also increases as we get older. Notice how it takes more exercise just to maintain your normal weight. Consequently, a healthy thyroid is a major factor when it comes to fat loss. So if you are concerned about excess fat, you need to ensure your thyroid is functioning properly.

Last but not least, studies have shown that a healthy thyroid can significantly improve your mood. Reports have shown more energy and improved concentration for those who take thyroid supplements. Essentially, the thyroid can regulate almost every cell in your body and if your metabolism drops due to low thyroid, your will suffer many consequences as a result. So if you are feeling tired, depressed, experience weight gain, loss of hair, or even losing interest in sex, then have your thyroid checked and take the necessary thyroid supplements and B vitamins to get back on track and maintain good health.

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