Thyroid Problems & Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Rob Burke

Posted on October 31 2016

Thyroid Problems & Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

You may have a Vitamin B12 deficiency if you struggle with many of the following: fatigue, frequent colds, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irregular periods, menopause, acne, severe allergies, hair loss, muscle and nerve pain, herpes, psoriasis, shortness of breath, brain fog or memory loss, numbness in hands and feet, and thyroid and adrenal imbalances.

This is a common deficiency in many people that can become very serious and harmful if not detected, for children as well as adults, as it is a vital nutrient for energy and cognitive health. It is essential for the brain and heart to function properly because without it, you may experience depression and mood swings along with extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and brain fog. A chronic depletion may even lead to dementia.

If you begin noticing that you are pale, have loss of appetite, headaches, fatigue, numbness, memory loss, disorientation or even constipation and diarrhea, then these may be signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Your thyroid may be linked to this deficiency as well because many people who suffer from this also have other autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s and Celiac disease, Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, all of which affect your ability to liberate B12 from your food and absorb it. If you have digestive issues or fungal dysbiosis (leaky gut), then this may be causing the deficiency as gut health is vital to B12 absorption. Therefore, you may need to seek a naturopathic doctor who will evaluate your symptoms and digestion and give you proper advise on how to get your health back on track. A good physician will start you on supplementation based on your symptoms and medical history. 

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